Beyond Just Desks: The Unexpected Benefits of Co-working Spaces for Businesses

Beyond Just Desks: The Unexpected Benefits of Co-working Spaces for Businesses

Originating in 2005, coworking has become a catchword since Covid-19. According to Statistica, with an estimated 41,000 coworking spaces by the end of 2024, the trend will not slow down anytime soon. While working from the office or the comfort of your home has benefits, coworking intersects both with its surprising perks.

On the one hand, working from home offers freedom and impacts a worker’s social life. On the other hand, working onsite snatches away the autonomy employees desire. The 3rd solution overlooked by professionals is coworking space.

Shared working space solves all the woes businesses face regarding their workforce. While hiring onsite provides more control, managing employees is expensive and energy-draining. Considering and embracing the coworking model with an open heart is the transformative step for most companies.

According to Statistica research report, more than 3 million people worked in a coworking space in 2023 underscoring the importance of hybrid and remote work model. If businesses have to get rid of looming workforce issues, shared and private work space is the last resort.

Surprising Benefits of Coworking

While affordability and access to cutting-edge amenities are the most prominent benefits of shared office space, it also comes with some other surprising perks.

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Real Address for Startups

Using the home address on your invoices conveys an unprofessional message to clients. On the other hand, coworking spaces allow you to use real workplace addresses, creating an authentic image in clients’ eyes.

Employee Morale

Paying for every desk used by your employees and other amenities makes your employees feel valued. Your remote team may feel like an outpost, but providing them with a shared office space will increase their morale and well-being, imparting an impression that you care about them.


Working from home can cause feelings of isolation that impact performance. A shared working space eliminates this alien-like feeling and makes you feel part of a community. Being part of a place where others work beside you helps you stay motivated, increasing productivity scores.



One significant benefit of coworking spaces is flexibility, not only in terms of space but also of time. Instead of working fixed full-time hours, you can work at flexible times according to your specific needs and pay for that time only.

On the other hand, it is unclear for entrepreneurs and startups where they will be after a few years. The employee count could rise drastically depending on business growth. Shifting offices will be a headache when your core focus is delivering exceptional customer results.

In a coworking option, you pay for the space under usage. As your business grows, you can rent out more space depending on your requirements.

Less Peer Pressure

Working in a coworking space does not come with pressure faced by onsite employees. Interactions with colleagues are safe as they don’t directly impact your reputation or rating. You can build reliable bonds with coworkers without worrying about the conversations.

Networking Opportunities

Shared working space allows you to go beyond your team and network with other professionals with varied skills, which is an exciting learning opportunity. Moreover, you can always find an expert when a new project rolls in that doesn’t perfectly align with your experience. Seeking talent becomes less of a hassle than relying on traditional recruitment options.


If you are the kind of person who loves traveling without compromising on your work life, opting for coworking space in a city is the perfect option than going to coffee shops or restaurants. This is a quick fix that gives you an office-life professional feel, helping you better focus on your work.

Many coworking partners offer membership access to all offices across the country. This viable option can alleviate the stress of managing a workload while on a long tour.

Coworking Space Near Me

If you are struggling to find a suitable and affordable shared office space for yourself, we are here to help. QuickOffice has been in this industry for more than three years, delivering services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

What Makes QuickOffice Stand Out?

QuickOffice has three offices in the prime locations of Lahore. We offer cutting-edge office equipment and modern amenities. Unlimited tea and coffee cups with reception services at your disposal will give you a feel at home. Spacious offices, furnished desks, and uninterrupted power supply are some of the core facilities you will get for your remote work needs. 

Final Verdict

If finding a work-life balance and cutting costs are your main concerns, we recommend choosing a reliable coworking space that can provide you with exclusive membership benefits. Having productive employees in your team working in either hybrid or completely remote settings will positively impact your bottom line.

While coworking is essential if you aspire to expand your business, choosing a suitable shared office space can be challenging. In another article, we have listed various factors you should consider and the questions you should ask before finalizing a coworking space. Please give it a read to maximize your chances of finding the perfect match for you.

Still unsure about the coworking model? Shoot us an email, and we’ll gladly guide you in the right direction. QuickOffice aspires to empower entrepreneurs and young minds in Pakistan so that they realize their dreams of contributing to the country’s economy. 

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